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Fire Resistant Divider


Portable welding screens provide the perfect solution for creating a safe welding and grinding environment anywhere in your facility.


Screenflex fire-resistant screens create a safe environment for technical training such as welding and grinding.

Available in 3 heights and 6 lengths, these dividers are protected with a fire-resistant fabric.

To use the fire-resistant divider, unlock the storage latch to open the divider and shape it to the desired configuration.

Locking corner castors help stabilize the partition into place.

Configure the shape of the divider to the desired angle with the position control hinges.

Optional multi-unit connectors allow for multiple screens to be joined together.

The Fire Resistant Divider is securely constructed for stability with its steel panel support and low, durable end frames.

Full-length hinges eliminate gaps to reduce both flash burns and UV light glare to increase safety.

These partitions can create an ā€œLā€ or a ā€œUā€ shape, making it perfect to either partially surround or entirely enclose a full welding area or other highly flammable lines of work.