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Which Room Divider Is Best For My Facility?

Screenflex Room Divider Comparison

Depending on your needs, Screenflex has a room divider designed just right for your facility. We offer four different varieties of dividers from home to commercial use. Keep in mind, that with each partition, you can select your length, height, color and fabric to coordinate with your room and decorating tastes.


I like the way this unit offers the freedom to divide a room temporarily and allow for flexibility in configuring your dividers. Our most popular size is our 6′ high by 24′-1″ long divider. This is out best selling room divider. Practical for most facilities. This divider rolls easily where you need to divide space. The corner casters lock to provide a stationary partition. Recommended for Churches, Schools, Corporate, and Government use.

Heavy Duty

Made for industrial use, this room divider offers everything our FREEstanding room divider offers plus it can withstand the rigors of heavy use. This divider is usually seen in large hotels, casino’s and facilities that subject their furnishings to harsh everyday use.


This room divider is best used when you need to divide your room in the same place repeatedly but still want the ability to use the entire room when needed. When mounted to a wall at one end, the divider is always there when you need it!

The WALLmount like the FREEstanding and Heavy Duty come in 6 lengths and 6 heights with 39 colors to choose from. Your panels can be covered in either vinyl or fabric.

Light Duty

This is a great economical option recommended for residential or light usage. This divider differs slightly from the rest. Light Duty comes in 2 length and height options as well as 4 colors.  Dividers also have the same great acoustical and sound absorbing panels as the FREEstanding, Heavy Duty and WALLmount room dividers.Sound Absorption

For a complete comparison of our four room divider models, check out our model comparison page.


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