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Teacher Displays Just Got Portable

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Yoga on a mountainAs the school year quickly approaches, I’m finding myself desperately looking for ways to save on time…especially in the mornings. Hey, we all want those extra five or ten minutes of sleep before starting the day, right?

I loved these tips on 12 Ways to Maximize Your Mornings. Dana suggests things like setting your bowls and medication out the night before and limiting your shower to 5 minutes. Another great time saver is making a breakfast casserole on the weekend and heat it up in the mornings during the week. It’s quick and certainly a healthy alternative to cereal and you and your kids will have more brain power by eating protein instead of carbs in the morning. Did you know that protein is known to keep you fuller longer than carbs so you won’t be as hungry by the time lunch time rolls around?

Sound absorption demonstration

Use Room Dividers to Get Organized and Save Time!

Getting organized and saving time is a priority for all of us since summer is ending and school is beginning in just a few short days. Maybe this is why room dividers are becoming more of a staple in the classroom this year. Room divider panels are tackable, pinnable and accept staples. Displaying art or lesson plans, detracting from clutter, creating a testing area or simply dividing your space to help block sound and distractions, is how room dividers work well in any classroom, gymnasium or library.

Here’s what teachers and administrator have to say about Screenflex room dividers:

Good morning, we are delighted with the Portable Partitions!! In fact, I will be contacting you to duplicate our order. School is out for the summer in eight days and I will be placing my summer orders.  Principal in Minnesota

I am one of the art teachers at Cedar Crest High School and want you to know that we are pleased with our Screenflex display panels. Enclosed you will find 2 photographs showing how we used them to display student artwork. Teacher in Pennsylvania

A good product doesn’t need an explanation. It speaks for itself. The dividers are amazing.  I’m also impressed with the amount of artwork that can be displayed on the panels.  The room dividers accept tacks and push pins to display artwork easily. I use them every day. Best thing in the Universe! My dividers are 12-15 years old and they keep going and going. Librarian in New York

This is why teachers love room dividers!

School Room Dividers

Teacher Displays Summer Reading List

Kids Playing Near Divider

Kids can play on one side of the divider while teacher helps students on the other side of the divider

Art Display on Room Dividers

Art teacher displays artwork for an art show.

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