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Still In Use After 9 Years

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Room Dividers Divide a Dining Hall

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ 9 Years and Still Sturdy

Our church bought a total of 5 Screenflex room dividers about 9 years ago. They grew with our church and have been used by several different ministries over the years. Some of which surprised even us. Originally purchased for our children’s Sunday School, as the church grew and built additions the partitions found new uses as well.

They have been used by the Women’s Ministries to create a cozier atmosphere in the large sanctuary for the Women’s Teas. We can adjust our sanctuary size to the number of women attending the event. Combining circular tables and candles with the partitioned sanctuary makes for an inviting and warm atmosphere. Other ways we use partitions are:

*To hang our nametags on each week along with thank you notes and announcements to the church
*Weekly Bible study groups
*Awana classes
*Celebrate Recovery groups
*Hiding a luncheon prep area in the gym when we serve lunch

We have been more than pleased with the room divider partitions over the years! Thanks Again!

~A Satisfied Screenflex Customer

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