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Shelter Preparedness Strategies

Taking appropriate shelter is critical for many people in times of disaster. However, communities rarely pre-plan for situations like fires, flooding or a natural disaster that requires shelters to set up quickly and efficiently. Having room dividers readily available in schools, government offices, and medical centers are essential to shelter preparedness and aid in the organization of the services, crowd control, and to provide privacy to those in need.

Why you should invest in room dividers for your shelter:

Intake/registration – Those seeking refuge during a disaster should seek out available resources and locations near their residence. Shelter volunteers can arrange movable walls to designate a private area for guests to provide information and needs to the staff. The sound absorbing walls ensure compliance with privacy and HIPPA laws when personal information should not be heard or shared with others.

To accommodate specific needs or requests – Those seeking shelter may come to the staff asking for equipment, supplies, food or cultural or religious requirements. Every effort should be made to accommodate those needs.

  • Managing equipment, water, and food supplies – Staff will need a space to work, ration food and water supplies out of view from those seeking shelter. Portable room dividers create the appropriate storage area for supplies and keep items like generators safely out of sight.
  • Offer a safe place for spiritual rest– In honor and respect for all religious traditions and beliefs, an area should be set aside where those wishing to participate in religious practices can do so in a private space. Use a room divider to offer the appropriate privacy to those participating in worship.

Provide a safe place to rest – Rolling walls can be set up to create a safe place to sleep, provide health services (disaster-related conditions, first aid, refilling lost prescriptions, or replacing eyeglasses, administering medicine) and offer emotional support and mental health services. The portable partitions allow you to provide a quiet location for nursing mothers that are out of view from other guests.

Separate area for childcare – Some parents may be required to return to work during or after a disaster, but care for their child might not be available or open. Screenflex portable room dividers allow children to play and learn in an area that is safe and sound during this time of need.

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