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Block Sound With Room Dividers And Create An Environment Free From Distractions

Market: Education

Imagine, room dividers which can be used anytime, anyplace to create training rooms, classrooms, private dining areas, backdrops and more!

This week our Screenflex creative team decided to shoot a video demonstrating how sound is absorbed using a Standard Screenflex room divider. Steve, Rich, Monica and I along with 14 kids (Joey, Johnathan, Jenelle, James, Jessica, Lauren, Anna, Julia, Julia, Jack, Zac, Andy, Nicole and Zoe) show how room dividers not only create rooms, but also help to cut down on distractions and noise too. Watch for our fun video to be aired this fall 2012.

Classroom partitions create a classroom in a small cafeteria

In this photo, we used one 6′ high 13 panel room divider. An “L” shape is made with the divider to create a classroom in an instant. Our room divider creates a nice work area for students free from distractions. On the other sided of the divider there are several adults talking and walking back and forth. Kids can focus on the teacher.

Two classrooms of young students obtain privacy with classroom partitions

This photo demonstrates how much simpler it is for two teachers to effectively hold separate classes using room dividers. A 6′ H x 24′ 1″ L divider is pulled open between the two classes. Configure room dividers in any shape desired. FREEstanding room dividers fold up compact and store in a space about 2.5′ x 3′.


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