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Senior Living Embracing Flexibility

We used to see parents moving across the country or to a neighboring state to follow their children and grandchildren. However, the trend we see today is seniors returning to the communities where they grew up or remaining in the same area they raised their children. The seniors want to continue to gather in their local church, enjoy their neighborhood parks, and visit the local market they have shopped at for years. But sometimes living on their own can become increasingly more difficult.

Attracted by the many amenities of senior care facilities, seniors are deciding on their own to move into senior centers and live an active lifestyle under the care and watchful eye of skilled nurses. Offering a wide range of activities, common areas, and amenities are a simple way to attract residents. Creating a full-service community on campus grounds is a great way to serve the residents while providing them with some independence.

To fulfill the needs of all of their residents, many senior living facilities are renovating single, large, formal dining rooms or common areas into multiple spaces with the help of portable walls. Just what types of areas are they creating?

Pub/Wine Cellar-Recent studies found that the aging population enjoys the pub style gathering place reminiscent of their younger days. Grabbing a beverage with a quick bite to eat and fun conversation is sure to improve the soul.
Café– It’s not just about an ordinary black cup of coffee anymore. We now see Wi-Fi-enabled cafés offering coffee-shop-level drinks, from iced coffees to flavored espresso beverages with fancy foam designs on top. These spaces are welcoming and comfortable spaces where residents can gather, relax, and socialize.
Fitness Center– Being active is important to today’s seniors. So, offering an updated fitness area with group-friendly workout zones for strength training, classrooms for yoga, and a disability-friendly exercise equipment area is essential to keeping a healthy lifestyle for most seniors.
Movie Theater– Lights, camera, action! Full-size movie screens showcase the best classic films along with the top Oscar winners in these senior housing movie theaters. The space also serves as a place to host in-house and visiting theater productions.

To offer these and other amenities, senior living facilities must have furniture that can move into other areas to serve the changing needs of their community. It is essential to have a collection of movable walls that can alter the space to create a more intimate and quieter environment. As well as utilize equipment that rolls on carts to offer services to guests. The key is to be agile enough and have flexible space solutions in place to change your space from time to time and satisfy residents’ needs.

When purchasing portable room dividers and portable furniture for your continuing care community, there are a few crucial factors to consider.

Purchasing furniture is a major investment, and you want to ensure your purchase will be long-lasting. You don’t want to be left wondering if after several years of use will the moving parts still function as promised when purchased? Portable partitions like Screenflex Room Dividers are constructed with the highest quality of parts and come with a 3-year warranty. Unlike other room divider companies that design partitions with plastic parts and sheer fabric. Having furniture designed and manufactured with quality parts not only provides you with a durable piece of furniture but a product that is safe for staff and residents to use.

Provide Versatility and Space Saving Usage Configurations
Managing a skilled nursing center requires a lot of strategic planning. Space is at a premium. The furniture and mobile room dividers need to serve a multipurpose. For instance, room dividers dampen sound to create a calm and tranquil environment for residents and guests as well as serve as bulletin boards to display artwork and pertinent information. Because the room dividers roll on wheels, they can move from room to maximize your investment. Room dividers can be arranged in various shapes to adjust to the configurations of your available space.

Space Saving
Space-saving covers a myriad of options. From providing emergency privacy screening, ease of mobility to ease of storage, a cost-effective piece of furniture will provide you with all these capabilities, and so much more. For example, Screenflex portable partitions store in a 2-foot by 3-foot space, about the area of a desk chair, making them extremely compact. However, when a need arises, the stable divider can be rolled out on its self-leveling casters by one person and placed into position and opened to provide the needed privacy.

Whether you are showing a blockbuster movie at night or offering art classes during the day, investing is movable furniture is key to the successful use of your facility space.

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