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2 Rooms

What do you do when you need an additional two rooms but do not want to go through the hassle of construction and financing the project? Use Screenflex Portable Room Dividers!  The great thing about using room dividers to create additional rooms is that it makes the space a fully functional and flexible space.  While standard walls limit your use of a room, Screenflex Room Dividers provide all kinds of flexibility.  By rolling the room dividers into various configurations, you can change the size and design of the room.  The room dividers also provide a tack-able surface to display artwork, flyers, and posters.  The honeycomb core is surrounded by two layers of insulation to aid in the absorption of sound within the space.  Need help to choose the right room divider for your space?  Our staff is available to assist you in choosing the correct size room divider to help you achieve your room dividing needs.  Choose from our 6 heights and 6 lengths for a total of 36 room divider sizes along with our 38 room divider color option.  Think of the possibilities.

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