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Can Sense of Individuality Improve Self-Esteem for Teens?

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Sunday School Dividers set up in a church

Over the weekend, my family and I went to church together. It’s fun for my daughter to get dressed up though she would never admit it. It’s the one place she can wear a dress without anyone questioning her splashy attire.

This preteen syndrome does happen overnight you know. Perhaps it’s the hormone thing, or maybe it’s the sad realization that individuality becomes a hard choice to make in their eyes. Even though individuality is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, it’s hard for teens to grasp the idea that it’s okay to say “no” and be the odd one out.

Does A Lack of Self-Esteem Lead to Bullying?

Studies are showing that  “bullies” are often those students who are unsure of who they are. Without an identity, insecurities may form along with low self-esteem. Bullies usually put others down to improve self-esteem for themselves. Encouraging your children to be individuals will give them a better sense of who they are increasing their odds of becoming happy and healthy teenagers.

Create Instant Meeting Rooms

A Screenflex partition used to create a mobile Sunday school classroom

While I sat in the church hall, contemplating how to better improve self-esteem for my daughter, I noticed a few chairs set up for a small group. Recently, the church had sent us pictures of how they were using their new portable room dividers. To run their small groups, they purchased three Screenflex partitions to create the three additional classrooms. The dividers do a great job providing a more intimate and private place for meetings and make instant Sunday school classrooms.

In each corner of the fellowship hall, one room divider is opened up to create a decent sized classroom. Room dividers fold back up in seconds and are compact enough to fold up into a small 2.5′ x 3′ footprint.

These are great photos showing how simple it is to create temporary rooms with portable room dividers can turn any open space into a classroom or meeting area in seconds. For Grace Baptist Church, portable dividers were the perfect solution for adding classrooms to their fellowship hall.


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