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Portable Furniture. Why Are We Becoming A Portable Society?

portable furniturePortable furniture is becoming the wave of the future which is now! With the rise of student population or perhaps the limited amount of classroom space, whether it be in a church or school, the need for portable furniture is necessary and  frankly convenient.

What is portable furniture? Portable furniture is exactly what it sounds like, furniture you can move from place to place quickly and easily and can store easily when not in use. Portable furniture allows you to set up your room creatively and as needed.

So why are we becoming a portable society? Flexibility that’s why. Kids are very active in sports and other activities even more than ever before. Even various adults groups are offered more than in the past. Schools and churches need the flexibility to create the space for many activities whether it be a women’s group, religious education, girl scout troop, prayer group, yoga class and the list goes on.  A local church in our town shares their space with over 50 different ministries. That’s a lot of flexible space needed to conform to every size and type of group.

Just a few portable products and you’ll be on your way to a new and flexible space.

Folding Chairs

You can get folding chairs for a reasonable price. Since you will be using these often moving them and storing them, make sure you buy chairs for every day use. Metal chairs can withstand heavy use and requires little maintenance.  Plastic chairs are light and can be less expensive than metal chairs however plastic may hold less weight than a metal chair. Plastic is also maintenance free and can be used outdoors without worry.  There are many styles and several materials to choose from depending on your specific use.

Folding Tables

Folding tables are either constructed of plywood, particle board, plastic or aluminum. Quality is most often the number one reason for selecting a specific table top material. Depending on the type use, you might consider how often you will be setting up and moving your tables so you can choose the best portable table for your space.

portable furniturePortable Room Dividers

The ability to divide space temporarily is an important part of having a flexible and temporary space.  Portable room dividers can provide the privacy you need during group functions. Create one, two or ten rooms or more. The choice is yours. You can even use your room dividers to store your portable furniture!

Quality is key when selecting your portable furniture. We all want furniture that can last for many years. A light weight product might be easier to move and store however be careful not to skimp on quality. Many quality products have carts with wheels so you can have a product that will last and allow easy movement, set up and storage. Portable furniture will allow you to keep within your budget.

Becoming a portable society is one that is flexible and cost conscious and does not lack in quality!

Portability for home use is something that is quite interesting. I stumbled upon this article that shows a portable living space in one box. Take a look it really is quite remarkable!

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