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Party Room
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Photos of Room Divider uses for a Party Room

Make the most of your existing facility and increase your profitability by using Screenflex Portable Room Dividers to quickly divide a large party room into several smaller spaces.  Or simply arrange room dividers within your dining hall to create a new private party room.  The longer you use your facility the more opportunities you will discover to use room dividers in managing your existing space.  Portable walls are rolled into place on self-leveling caster wheels to create privacy on a temporary basis.  The self-leveling wheels ensure constant contact with floor to provide you with a strong and sturdy wall.  When the function is complete, the walls are stored in a 2’x3′ space out of the way. Setting up your room dividers is an easy one-person job.  Screenflex Room Dividers are available in 36 sizes and 38 colors.

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