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Multi Purpose Room
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Multi Purpose Room uses for Room Dividers

Multi purpose rooms are a great space to host a variety of functions: large meetings, banquets, parties, sports activities and the like. These spaces are often large open rooms with little sound absorption. Once people fill the room the sound level increases forcing people to talk even louder just to be heard. Screenflex Room Dividers serve multiple uses in this space. Because of the honeycomb construction, the core panels absorb and refract sound within the large open space making the sound level more comfortable for guests. Multi purpose rooms also need to have flexible layouts making the use of portable walls essential. Screenflex Room Dividers can be rolled into place to create several rooms within the large area that can be used for classes, meetings, or testing rooms.  Screenflex Room Dividers are designed for items to be tacked, stapled or pinned to the fabric for years to come.   This makes the dividers ideal for displaying artwork or employee informational sheets.

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