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Cafeteria uses for Room Dividers

Screenflex Room Dividers can serve a myriad of functions in a cafeteria setting. Cafeterias are known as a large open space with minimal furniture and poor sound quality. As people enter the room and begin talking, voices begin to reflect off the hard surfaces and reach maximum sound levels forcing people to speak even louder to be heard. Screenflex Room Dividers can be rolled into the room to not only absorb sound, but to create private eating areas for co-workers, section off areas for students with food allergies, restrict access to a portion of the room, or to create a lounge for older students. Need to block off a section of the cafeteria that is not is use. Simply roll the room divider into place to deter patrons from entering the area. Or use room dividers to direct patron through service lines.  The possibilities for using a room divider in a cafeteria are endless.  Choose from over 36 sizes and 38 room divider colors.

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