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Temporarily Divide a Room to Minimize Distractions

The Location

Advantage Waypoint

The Challenge

Visual barrier between kitchen and training class

The Solution

Chuck Powers of Advantage Waypoint, a national foodservice sales and marketing agency, sent us this photo of their new divider in action.

Chuck’s initial call came to Screenflex consultant Kim St. Clair. He explained to Kim that Advantage Waypoint regularly hosts menu and recipe development sessions for clients in their Culinary Café.

For these times, they need to temporarily divide a room to block the view and sound from their kitchen prep school station from the training area, an area about 25 feet wide. Chuck and Kim worked to find just the right size divider for their project, Settling on two 7-panel units and attach together in the center with a

Now when clients attend presentations, the staff can make their necessary preparations and attendees won’t find themselves distracted from the presenter.

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