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School Art Show in Cafeteria

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The Location

Del Sol Academy-Las Vegas, NV

The Challenge

Section off extra depth of cafeteria for an art show

The Solution

In a large multipurpose room, you can sometimes have too much space for the task at hand. This instance occurred at Del Sol Academy in Las Vegas when they recently hosted an art show. While they have a lot of students, they found they still had to come up with creative solutions to fill the massive space. By using portable art display boards, these educators could create a better boundary for the room. Here’s how Screenflex Portable Room Dividers helped this art show feel fuller in the school cafeteria.

Del Sol Academy ordered twenty of Screenflex’s Standard Room Dividers for their facility. These partitions are organized to have wide walkways in between each to prevent fire hazards. Some of the displays are set up simply in a straight line, while others are connected to create a longer and slightly curved portable wall. This wall helps signify the “end” of the art show space in the school cafeteria and makes the room feel complete. Since these dividers are movable, these school leaders can change the setup for different styles of events in the future. Also, when the art show is over, these screens can quickly close up for compact storage.

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