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Adaptable Artboard

The Location

Pike School

The Challenge

Divide Large Spaces and Display Students' Art

The Solution

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to school furniture. Every year, new changes to the facility can be implemented in any school. For this reason, school leaders need to maximize their space and be able to adapt as they go along. A teacher over at Pike School in Massachusetts realized this and wanted to divide her facility as well as display her students’ art. As a solution, she reached out to a Screenflex representative for an adaptable artboard.

By working together with the Screenflex sales rep, she was able to find two Standard Dividers to meet her needs. This 9-panel partition is 6’8″ tall, which creates a vast expanse for ample amounts of art. The fabric is not only tackable but also doesn’t damage after use. This feature allows the divider to be reused in a different setting while remaining neat and professional. By resting on self-leveling casters, this adaptable artboard moves to any area of the facility with ease. The screen also folds accordion-style to create unique shapes within the room, or store compactly when closed. Perfect for any art show display need, the school’s teacher was pleased with her product.

Divide Rooms • Reduce Noise • Display Art

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