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School Art Showcase

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The Location

Owasso High School

The Challenge

Showcase 400-1100 Pieces of Art

The Solution

The world needs creativity. Art can make people pause and reflect in the moment and maybe even see a glimpse into someone’s mind. Schools put together art shows to teach students creativity and also to be proud of their own creations. Owasso High School was putting together a show for hundreds of art students to display their work. For their school’s art showcase, they came to Screenflex for a portable wall expansive enough to fit 400-1100 pieces.

Screenflex Standard Room Dividers are excellent for an art show. The screens pictured have thirteen panels, totaling 24’1″ in length, and 6’8″ in height. The total expanse on both sides of the divider provides a plethora of display space. The tackable fabric makes it easy to pin items to the portable walls without damaging the surface afterward. While the partition comes in many different colors, the charcoal black really makes the artwork pop in contrast to it. These dividers also sit on self-leveling casters making them easy to move to the perfect spot in the room without fear of tipping over. The end casters also lock which holds the divider in place. For the perfect way to display students’ creativity, use Screenflex Dividers for your next school art showcase.

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