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Polling Place Set-up Should Include a Quiet Place for Election Workers to Take a Break

Market: Government - GSA
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The Location

Quentin Road Baptist Church

The Challenge

Privacy for election judges and a way to restrict access to the school

The Solution

People who act as election judges,  poll watchers or a polling place administer on Election Day are invaluable. Not only do they arrive before sunrise and work well past sunset, but in most instances, are not allowed to leave the polling place. Most polling places bring in meals and snacks for their workers, however, space is usually limited which means those breaks usually take place right out in the open. That being said,  it’s important to provide a spot where people can go to decompress and enjoy their meal, store their belongings, make a phone call or just get away for a few moments.

Screenflex Portable Walls are perfect for creating a private area for polling place volunteers. All the polling place administer needs to do during polling place set-up is to roll the Screenflex Room Divider into place, open it, make a bend at one hinge to form an L-shape, then position it in any corner of the room.

Use the tackable wall surfaces to display poll worker information on one side, and voter information on the other. A 24′ 1″ Long unit is preferable or choose from two smaller units which can be connected together. The choice is yours as there are 36 sizes and 38 colors to choose from to meet your needs. When not in use as a portable wall, dividers store compactly in a 2′ X 3′ area.