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Dry Erase Room Divider Panels

The Location


The Challenge

An interactive portable wall dividing a new exhibit

The Solution

NASA has committed to furthering research in space exploration and sharing their research to students of all ages.  The Kennedy Space Center features Swamp Works, a hands-on exploration program.  This program includes research, data gathering, and class instruction.  In order to best use their facility square footage and conduct classes, NASA turned to Screenflex looking for assistance.  A simple and cost-effective solution was found in using a Standard Screenflex Room Divider with dry erase panels to divide their space.  The fabric walls absorb sound and are tackable to display information.  In addition to the fabric walls, NASA chose to add 5 dry erase panels to their room divider.  The dry erase boards function as a way to record data, write and exchange ideas and share teaching concepts.  The dry erase panels wipe clean.