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Classroom Partition for Desk Spaces

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The Location

High School Classroom

The Challenge

Minimize Distractions at Student Classroom Workspaces

The Solution

In a classroom setting, it can be hard for students to focus when in a large group. When there is an individual or small group work to be done, creating separate areas for students to complete it quietly can significantly benefit them. Sometimes, using a classroom partition can help divide up the desk space and minimize distractions. For the best room dividers, use Screenflex portable partitions.

The Flexfit Divider shown above is a perfect solution to divide a classroom temporarily. This screen saves floor space by utilizing only one end frame and multiple self-leveling casters along the bottom. The end casters also lock to keep the partition in between the desks in the classroom space. Available in 25 different color selections, there is a design that matches any decor. The Granite vinyl fabric shown above is an excellent neutral color that isn’t too distracting. While the vinyl fabric is easier to clean, the designer fabric is better for tackability. If these portable walls are semi-permanent, tackable material is the best option to display artwork and other signs. However, in a quick fix, vinyl freestanding partitions are the best for supreme cleanliness, and they can also have an added antimicrobial agent added to it.

Divide Classrooms • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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