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Art Display Idea For Educators

The Location

Strongsville Middle School

The Challenge

Portable Art Display for Educators

The Solution

In arts education, showcase space needs to be versatile and multifunctional. For paintings, drawings, photography, etc., an excellent art display idea is one that is easily tackable and maybe even portable as well. An educator from Strongsville Middle School wanted a freestanding wall to display her students’ artwork. Portability was also a huge factor since the location of the art shows takes place in the cafeteria. These dividers should be easy to move out of the way and stored for the next show. To fill this need, she reached out to Screenflex Portable Room Dividers.

The partition shown above is the Screenflex Display Tower. These systems come in either one or three panels to fit most spaces. Lightweight, yet sturdy, these towers quickly move throughout a room without tipping over. The casters along the bottom are self-leveling and also lock in place at the corners. The Stone gray fabric above is the perfect neutral color to help bright pictures pop. There are also over thirty other colors available as well. The tackable fabric on these dividers also helps prevent tearing when the artwork is taken down. For a great art display idea, use Screenflex Display Towers.

Divide Rooms • Reduce Noise • Display Art

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