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Sturdy Multipurpose Room Dividers

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The Location

Arcata School District- Arcata, CA

The Challenge

Divide the room between a teaching section and an after school program

The Solution

When you have a leadership role in a school setting, you know that your facility may need to be adaptable at any given time. Larger rooms, in particular, might even need multiple activities to occur at once. Arcata School District was in the market for sturdy room dividers for their multipurpose room. Their goal was to adapt this space of theirs for teaching while allowing room for their afterschool program simultaneously. By reaching out to Screenflex, this district was able to find the perfect product for its needs.

The partition in question is a Screenflex Standard Room Divider. Arcata School District opted for a 4ft tall, seven-panel portable wall to help create division in their space. These dividers are short enough for the average adult to see over the top of them but sturdy enough for the multipurpose room to still be safe from the freestanding furniture. Our contact at the district said their partitions make it easy for their students to know what part of the room they should be in. Because the dividers are tackable, these educators can also decorate or put signage on the panels.

Screenflex partitions appear to make a welcome addition to this school and help divide their space efficiently.


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