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Movable Wall Logo Ideas

Red Room Divider with a logo pressed onto the fabric panels

We enjoyed working with this wonderful company to find a solution to their room dividing needs.  Growth in the housing market meant an increase in clients for this real estate company. Champions Real Estate Group’s current facility wouldn’t let them construct any walls to provide the client privacy they needed.  Screenflex was a simple and cost-effective solution.  The real estate group purchased two 7-panel room dividers that can be connected with the optional multi-unit connector to create a long wall.  Additionally, they can divide the panels with their optional door allowing customers easy access to the private room.  The group wanted to personalize their new walls but didn’t want to incur a large expense.  Screenflex applied a simple logo to their vibrant red walls for the personalized touch they were looking for.  Their business continues to grow and the room dividers offer them the flexibility in dividing their space when needed.

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