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Hotel Industry: 7 Tips to Pandemic Recovery

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In an uncertain time for many businesses, the hotel industry has suffered a significant amount. Travel, in general, has decreased and during some points this year has halted altogether. So how can this industry, as a big part of the world’s travel culture, ultimately recover? Here’s how hotels can not only gain traction as they reopen but also ways they can thrive.

Keyless Room Entry

COVID-19 reportedly spreads through droplets in the air. While this is true, practicing extra caution, and limiting guests’ exposure to touchable surfaces can’t hurt. One way to do this is to allow people to check-in and use their phones as keys. Just like everything else in the modern world, new apps are accessible to help ease this idea.

The hotel should have guests use an app when they are ready to check-in. Airports already use this type of technology when travelers check-in for their flight. Additionally, to limit passing a key back and forth, using a scanning system on everyone’s phones can unlock doors easier and safer. However, in this case, having regular keys as backups are essential as well. You never know when someone will lose their phone, or if there is an outage with technology.

Plexiglass Dividers at Check-in

Similar to other public-facing businesses and organizations, utilizing a transparent barrier at a service counter is the new way of the future. Since hotels are a primary sector of the hospitality industry, the goal is to be, you guessed it, hospitable! If a hotel is empty of staff, it can take away from the experience of “being taken care of” that many travelers yearn for when staying away from home.Clear room divider in front of hotel reception desk

By using a portable plexiglass divider at the reception desk can allow staff to greet and take care of their guests properly. While some people use tabletop barriers for this occasion, freestanding walls are an even better option to clear up desk clutter. Screenflex offers an acrylic divider that can easily shield both guests and staff alike. It can also move and store out of the way when it is no longer needed.

Air filters

Another tactic that can help limit the spread of germs in your facility is investing in air filters. This can be part of the hygiene protocols in addition to other cleaning techniques. Since COVID-19 and other illnesses spread through the air, air purifiers can help minimize it. Some products are geared specifically for taking out viruses and bacteria as well. By placing these in the rooms and common areas, the air can become fresher.

Pre-Booking Other Common Areas.

A hotel is more than just the room and the lobby. Many other amenities are also included in the price. The pool, workout area, sauna, and spa services are other common resources at hotels as well. Even though it takes a little bit of time and effort, a simple, social distancing move for these areas includes booking them in advance. Create a schedule for each amenity and inform the guests at check-in to reserve times for each. This way, guests can still enjoy their swim or workout without worry. The number of people in each of these depends on building capacity limits. Regardless, scheduling out common areas could be a changing factor in the hotel industry moving forward.

Create In-Room Workout Channel

Since working out in a hotel could be challenging if everyone wants to do it at the same time, offering an alternative not only allows flexibility but could help you stand out from competitors as well. One tactic to try is creating a channel on the hotel’s TV that shows your online workouts in the room. This idea will encourage visitors to stay out of social areas and in their designated space.

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Another option is to offer guided outdoor activities. This one can be tricky since some climates aren’t feasible for this type of event. However, it shows you go the extra mile for your visitors. An example of this type of workout would include if you are near the mountains or any other incredibly scenic area, guide a hike for your guests! Or if you have an especially large lawn, lead a workout there for anyone who wants to join. This extra step will attract people even after the pandemic is over.

Offer Room Breakfast Delivery or To-Go Bags

Many travelers enjoy the complimentary breakfast that comes with the charge of a hotel room. While it may not look the same for a while, hotels can offer different variations for day’s first meal. Some hotels are currently offering to-go bags of pre-packaged food such as muffins or granola bars, and self-serve to-go coffee. Another tactic would be to offer breakfast delivery to rooms depending on the number of guests and other resources. Eventually, as time moves on the restaurants and buffets will come back, but in the meantime, these are a couple of good alternatives.

Create Small Group Pods in Lobby or Restaurant

Not only are hotels trying to limit contact between staff and guests, but also guests and other guests as well. In many hotels, the lobby is a social area outside of the lodging room where many congregate. To allow this to happen in the era of social distancing, hotels should start creating semi-private pods with portable walls.

If someone traveling for business is meeting a client, they can go to a small separated area of the hotel lobby. By utilizing these pods, guests can keep their distance from others not involved in their meeting. For this purpose, Screenflex dividers can help easily create the perfect pod. These rolling walls can bend in a right angle, semi-circle, or accordion-style for a variety of shapes and can fit any lobby design. These pods can also work for an extra hangout space for guests or even, in the long term, restaurant dining for small groups.


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