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As Christians Should We Observe Halloween?

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pumpkin for HalloweenNot everyone celebrates Halloween. Some don’t like to because they don’t want to dress up. For others, it’s not an acceptable part of their religious beliefs.

Halloween History

Historically, Halloween was once Hallows day in honor of the Saints. Earlier, in the 5th century BC, the Celtics celebrated on October 31st by building a fire, dancing and offering sacrifices after harvesting their crops for the winter. In the morning after the celebration, each family takes a smoldering ember and puts one in their own cooking fire to scare away evil spirits.

Some say that Halloween can be traced back to the Druids. They were Pagan priests that worshiped the God of the Underworld on Halloween. Because of these roots many debate over celebrating this holiday.

Today, Halloween is mostly about the kids and getting dressed up. Choosing a costume can be quite a task but kids like it because they can be anything they want to be. Hopefully nothing too scary! I’m impressed with the kids that plan what they want to be a whole year before the big day.  I tend to steer my kids away from the ghoulish costumes. Although for now, they prefer the superhero /Barbie costumes anyway.

girls with pumpkin

Over time, Halloween has become a more family-focused holiday where you visit neighbors and friends and in return get candy and treats. The old ways have faded away and become a part of our historical past while Halloween today has become more of a commercial holiday with hints of the old in spirit. Or have they?

Some community centers, park districts or religious organizations offer trunk or treat where people decorate their cars and line up in a parking lot.  Children then go from car to car to get a “treat” while enjoying the creative trunk decorations.  We’ve compiled a bunch of trunk or treat decorating ideas for you here.

What about the hint of old? Witches, ghosts, and demons? Do you think the old influences of evil creatures and darkness make Halloween a holiday that shouldn’t be celebrated? Perhaps this is why some feel uncomfortable  Or is Halloween evolving to be about the experience of neighbors and families getting together and sharing treats? What do think?

What is the true meaning of Halloween to you?

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