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A view of the exterior of an old fire station brick building

Room Dividers To Create Private Spaces

Station 19 Architects use Screenflex room dividers frequently to create semi-private spaces in their open office. Housed in the original fire station in Minneapolis, Station 19 Architects shares the building with other private businesses.

Terri the office manager says:

We love our Screenflex.  We use it frequently.  Our office is very open and the Screenflex allows us to section off parts of the space to create semi-private rooms. We also use it to block areas we don’t want people to go into.  Our office also has an event center so this past weekend we used it to block some unsightly shelves during a wedding.  We were able to drape fabric over it to create a softer look.  It is so easy to use and I like how we can adjust it to fit the size we need.


After the fire that devastated the University of Minnesota main building in 1892, residents demanded better fire protection. The historic fire station was built in 1893 at a time when Minneapolis was growing rapidly. Rapid growth brought prosperity to Minneapolis and taxes.  Fire Station No. 19 was one of the last to house horse-drawn equipment, as late as 1922.  In 1976 Fire Station No. 19 moved one block south.

A New Ball Game

For exercise, the firemen invented an alternative to baseball.  They called the game kittenball and what started off as a way to get exercise between fire alarms, grew into 20 local teams playing the game in leagues. Several neighboring companies participated.

Time for Change

A year after the fire department moved to their new location, the building was picked up by local architects.  They turned the firehouse into offices and called their firm Station 19 Architects.  Primarily churches benefit from the designs of Station 19 Architects.  They have designed over 800 church designs in the past 25 years.


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