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Ten Facts About Screenflex Room Dividers That You Don't Know

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Screenflex Headquarters, Lake Zurich, ILScreenflex Room Dividers~Top Ten Facts

Screenflex Portable Room Dividers are the most versatile room dividers in the world. Established in 1989 by Paul Maas, Rich Maas, and John Maas, Screenflex featured a portable classroom designed for the Church Sunday School market.  Now Screenflex offers standard, wall mount, display towers, clear dividers, light-duty dividers, heavy-duty partitions, and study carrels. Screenflex has been helping churches, schools, government facilities, medical facilities, offices, hotels, restaurants, corporate markets as well as other businesses divide space for over two decades.  I thought it might be fun to talk about some interesting facts that you don’t know about Screenflex.  I certainly found it a fun gathering the data.  Enjoy!

  1.  Did you know that one of our first room divider shipment was made to a facility that was up a spiral staircase?  The delivery though tough, was successful.
  2.  Last year the employees got together to send packages to the soldiers.  Screenflex generously covered all the shipping costs.
  3. I bet you didn’t know that the employees of Screenflex consist of two father and sons, two father and daughters, two husband and wives, one set of brothers, one son in law and five cousins.
  4.  The majority of the men in the office eat lunch together.  The women in the office eat lunch together a short time after.
  5.  Did you know that Screenflex has exhibited our products at trade shows in the USA, Canada, England, Germany, and Switzerland?
  6.  I found it quite interesting that Screenflex has sold products to customers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Germany, Finland, South Korea, Japan, China, Israel, Oman, Nigeria, New Zealand and Australia.
  7. One of the founders of Screenflex is a former church architect and has designed many churches throughout the Midwest.
  8.  I bet you didn’t know that Screenflex had its own soccer team.  Our team came in first place.  Go Screenflex!
  9.  Did you know that our partitions have been sighted on various television shows?  Screenflex has been seen on “Dancing with the Stars”, “WWE Monday Night Raw”, a couple local news broadcasts, with President George W. Bush, with President Barak Obama, in a courthouse in Chicago, a St. Louis Rams football game and a Pittsburg Steelers hallway.
  10. Our newest facility opened its doors on January 4, 1999.  Our building was designed by company founder and architect Paul Maas.

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