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Clear Room Dividers Provide Division and Vision

Nasa Drones Modified

Screenflex Clear Room Dividers Act as a Safety Barrier for NASA

Over the past several years, NASA has committed extensive amounts of resources to research the benefits of using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly known as drones.  NASA works with industry leaders to investigate practical uses for the unmanned system to give relief services and materials to the needy, gather pertinent information for the military and to develop safety regulations for the drone industry.  As a result, NASA drone flight simulations, both indoors and outdoors have garnered much attention from visitors to stay abreast on the leading drone research. Due to the extensive popularity in drone observations at NASA, the government has established strict safety regulations for drone activity at their facility.  For their indoor drone facility, NASA needed to find a barrier that met all their safety regulations but allowed spectators a clear view of the flying drones.

Screenflex Clear Room Dividers-Division with Vision

Screenflex’s 3/16 inch crystal-clear OPTIX® clear room dividers were just the solution. Three feet four inches long (one panel) to 10 feet long (three panels) connect using multi-unit connectors to form a long continuous clear barrier. The clear wall separates the spectators and flying drones.  Additionally, the clear walls allow a clear view to the flight simulations.  Because all Screenflex room dividers arrive fully assembled, NASA was able to roll the dividers on their self-leveling casters wheels directly into their facility and open up their drone viewing room immediately.  NASA quickly learned how versatile the clear room dividers are and began looking for other ways to use their clear Screenflex room dividers.  One example is using them to provide a safety barrier for other experiments and presentations throughout their facility. As an added bonus wet-erase markers are used on the clear panels for annotations during experiments or to display data for guests.  For further information on Screenflex clear room dividers and additional products, contact a Screenflex sales representative at 800-553-0110 or at

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