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The Church Wedding: 3 Uses of Room Dividers for Your Ceremony

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bride and her bridesmaids posing in front of a backdropAs a staple in the world of wedding ceremonies, churches have learned to be adaptable and give their guests the best experience possible. When an engaged couple chooses their family church as their ceremony location, they choose tradition vs. potential amenities. To give their community the best experience, church leaders should have the proper tools for a smooth event. As the maid of honor at a wedding recently, I found this to be true. This particular wedding was also the first time that I saw one of our portable dividers in use since I started working at Screenflex. At this wedding, the entire bridal party used the room dividers to smoothen the day’s execution. 

Family Church: Perfect Wedding

As a little background, my friend’s long-time family church is called North Cape Lutheran. This beautiful and quaint church is tucked in the countryside of southern Wisconsin. Not only was the sanctuary almost picturesque, but members also seemed to think of the facility as a second home. A feat that can only be accomplished when churchgoers feel like their congregation truly takes care of them. 

When I walked into the basement to where we were getting ready, I noticed there were a few Screenflex Room Dividers placed towards the back of the room. I could immediately tell that these were older models due to the end frames being square-shaped instead of rounded. Additionally, there appeared to be an older logo branding it. Despite those features, there was no doubt that these dividers were still in excellent condition. I knew our products are built to last for decades, but seeing partitions manufactured in the ’90s still working great in 2021 was really cool to see. 

  • Hanging up Dresses

church wedding dresses hanging on a dividerWhile these long-lasting dividers were clearly previously used in this church for other purposes, we found them useful for us getting ready for the day. We originally brought our dresses to leave at the church during the rehearsal night, so they’d be ready to go the next day. To prevent wrinkles in the gowns, we hung them up on the dividers. With no other hooks available, the portable partitions were the only possible place to hang these dresses. 

  • Backdrop

When it came time to take pictures, we found another use for the divider in this church wedding: a backdrop! The fabric’s mauve coloring just happened to accentuate the light pink bridesmaid dresses and the floral shawls. Additionally, in the church basement’s wide expanse, it was a challenge for the photographer to bring the whole image together. By utilizing a backdrop, it can help frame the photo for overall better composition.

  • Privacy/Changing Room

church wedding shawls hanging on a room dividerNot only did these moveable wall partitions make an excellent photo backdrop, but they also formed a quick and easy changing area as well. As we put on our gowns, we moved the dividers to surround us. We simply moved them to the corner of the room and shaped them in a way that gave us privacy. They also made the bride’s reveal to all of us even more intentional as she stepped out from behind them. 

After I found out that these particular partitions were made in the ’90s, I was impressed by the excellent quality they remained to be in. My wedding experience was a testament to not only Screenflex’s durability but also the variety of needs the dividers fulfill.

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