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Whiteboard Divider


Whiteboard portable room dividers are perfect for collaboration, training sessions, and much more. This whiteboard divider video exemplifies some of the best product features.


Collaboration, Sharing ideas, teaching, there are so many ways to use the Screenflex Whiteboard Divider.

Available in 1 and 3 panels, the Whiteboards are 6’2″ in height, are freestanding, and do not require installation.

To use the 3-panel dividers, simply open the dividers into the desired position and turn the panelocks to secure the panels into place.

Locking corner casters ensure a sturdy writable surface.

Optional Multi-unit connectors join whiteboards and standard dividers together to form longer lengths.

Self-leveling casters adjust to floor surfaces for smooth movement.

The white dry erase surface is simple to write on, cleans easy, and leaves no ghosting.

To move or store your divider, fold the 3 panels together. The one-panel divider is ready to move as is.

The Screenflex Whiteboard Dividers are perfect for use in schools, libraries, offices, training facilities, sports arenas, and so much more.