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Flexfit Divider


Perfect for any medical facility, the Healthflex Dividers create adaptable privacy in any small space.


Flexfit divider is 6 ft in height and available in 5 different lengths ranging from 5 ft 8 inches to 13 feet.

Choose from one of seventeen fabrics or 8 vinyl colors to complete your Flexfit Divider

Walk the panels open into the desired configuration.

Position controllers hold the panels into their desired configuration.

Locking corner casters help stabilize the partition into place.

Like a bulletin board, you can pin, staple, or tack items directly onto the panels.

The exclusive t- end frame design is affixed to one side of the divider to support the entire length of the partition.

Self-leveling casters automatically adjust to various floor surfaces and heights for added stability.

Flexfit divider store compactly in a 2 ft by 2 and a half ft space.

The Flexfit divider is the perfect solution for dividing smaller spaces in clinics, hospitals, or medical offices