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Wallmount Installation Instructions


This video will show you how to attach a Screenflex WallMount room divider to a wall.

These instructions are only for the (Screenflex) WallMount room divider, and not intended to be used with any of our other room dividers.

Using the cardboard template provided, place the template on the wall, making sure the bottom of the template is touching the floor.

Make sure the template is level and using a screw, mark the position of the four screw holes on the wall. Once all four holes are marked, using a drill with a 5/8 inch bit, make holes through the surface of the drywall.

Next, insert the 4 long screws through the holes of the white plastic bracket and loosely attach an expanding wing-nut to the end of each screw.

Position the bracket as shown and push the wing-nuts through the holes.

Using your drill, expand the wing nuts as you fasten the bracket to the wall. Repeat to install the bottom bracket.

The divider will not hang these brackets. The divider’s wheels support the divider’s weight.

Once the brackets are installed, roll the divider into position.

Starting at the bottom, slide the divider pin over the notch and drop it into place. Move to the top. Depress the top pin and pop it into place. Your divider is now attached to the wall and ready for use.