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Healthflex Privacy Screen Assembly Instructions


Transcript for Healthflex Privacy Screen Assembly

Thank you for your Screenflex purchase.

The following are assembly instructions for your new Screenflex Healthflex Privacy Screen.

You can easily assemble the divider in a few minutes and it will be ready to give you years of service.  To complete the assembly process there are only four bolts to install.

Your parts list includes one open-end wrench, one Allen wrench, two legs, four bolts, and four nuts.

Taking care to only cut the tape, remove the divider panels from the carton, and lay them on a raised surface such as a table or desk.  Use a piece of the carton as a mat on the table to protect the new panels.  Position the panels so the casters on the bottom of the divider project ten inches beyond the raised surface you are using for assembly.

Insert a horizontal leg into the open fitting of each vertical end panel trim with the casters on the leg facing the same direction as the casters on the divider panels.  Attach each leg with two 5/16” bolts and 5/16” washer nuts.  Note that the nuts should be on the bottom of the leg.  Secure the bolts using the wrenches provided.  Please refer to the image on your assembly instructions.

Lift the divider from the assembly surface and lower it to the floor at a 90-degree angle.

You may now roll your tackable divider into place and set it up as desired.

Thank you for your business.

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