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Light Duty Assembly


This partition is lightweight and versatile for facility needs that have minimal foot traffic. Here’s a video on how to assemble your Light Duty Divider upon arrival.


Here’s how to assemble your Screenflex Light Duty Divider.

Included in the packaging is an assembly kit with instructions and all the necessary tools. 

This kit includes four bolts, four lock washers, and one Allen wrench.

Also packaged are two horizontal legs with casters attached. 

Use two people to safely lift the partition onto a tabletop or another flat surface.

Position leg assembly over the end panel so the two holes line up. Make sure the notches are facing the divider. 

Place the washers on the bolts and insert them into the two open holes and tighten with the Allen Wrench. 

Then simply repeat the process for the other end panel of the partition. 

When both sides are assembled, carefully lift the divider back onto the ground.

And now after only a few minutes, your light duty divider is ready for use.