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CrowdFlex Acrylic Barricade



Here’s how to assemble your CrowdFlex Acrylic Barricade

Included in the packaging are an assembly kit and necessary parts. 

For the starter unit, use two people to safely lift it onto a tabletop or another flat surface. 

To attach the legs, first, line up the holes in the bottom of the panel. The legs should be at a perpendicular angle from the barricade. 

Insert two screws and lock washers into the holes and tighten them with the included allen wrench. Repeat the process for the other side.

Carefully place the barricade upright on the ground.

If you are adding one or multiple extension units, you will receive an additional assembly kit for each.

To begin the process of connecting the panels, first repeat the steps from the starter and attach one leg to the extension unit.

Then attach one hook on the top and bottom of the extension unit on the side opposite the leg. Tighten the screws with a flathead screwdriver.

Place the “eyelids” into the four holes of your assembled starter and tighten them by hand.

Connect the two panels by inserting the hooks of the extension unit into the eyelids of the starter unit.

Position the panels to the desired configuration and peel off the protective plastic coverings. 

And now your CrowdFlex Barricade is ready for use.