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Arranging Movable Wall Dividers


Each Screenflex Portable Wall Divider is equipped with a Position Control Hinges, located at the top of each panel, to secure the panel in a fixed position. The hinges work automatically and are preset from the factory.  The hinge secures the panels into place and will disengage when the walls are ready to be closed.

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Transcript for Arranging Movable Wall Dividers

Hi.  I’m Steve with Screenflex and I wanna show you a tip on positioning room dividers.

The panels are hinged from the top to the bottom by a full-length piano hinge.  Anything can bend at any point.  It’s as easy as simply moving a panel in that direction.  If you move the panel completely open it’ll click into place.  The click means that the panel is held straight to open by the position control hinge at the top of the panel.

To bend it again closed, you just simply click it past the position control and you can make any angle you desire.

By bending it at every other panel, I can make, sort of, a curved wall out of it.  Doesn’t have to be straight.

Thank you.

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