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A collection of Featured Screenflex Videos

Sometimes seeing is believing.  That's why Screenflex offers a variety of videos for your viewing pleasure.  Our video gallery will educate you on the many quality and services provided by Screenflex. The featured Screenflex videos include; how our room dividers are made, how Screenflex dividers move, as well as a personal testimony from one of our customers.  Screenflex Room Dividers are available in 36 sizes and 38 colors.  Panels can be covered with 100% polyester fabric or vinyl. Let our design specialist work with you to create the right size and color room divider for your space.

Standard Room Dividers Transform a Room Into Usable Space

Your mission is to get the most out of your existing space, and Screenflex's best selling Standard Room Divider delivers. …

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About Screenflex Quality Room Dividers

Transcript for-About Screenflex Quality Room Dividers Video John: Hi my name is John Maas, I am the President of Screenflex…

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Screenflex Quality Checklist

While searching for a portable room divider may seem like a simple task.  It’s important that several key items are…

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Screenflex Room Divider Prices

Room Divider Prices Video Transcript Hi, I’m Zach with Screenflex here to talk about the pricing of our room dividers. …

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Folding Partition Walls Increase Facility Performance

Screenflex folding partitions walls enable you to convert a room into a more intimate area and return it to its…

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Features Customers Desire for Portable Dividers

This is likely the first and hopefully only time you will have to research portable room dividers for your organization.…

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