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Vaccination Clinic for COVID

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As the 2020 pandemic has changed the world as we know it, adaptability in all areas of life has become especially important. Businesses and organizations, in particular, have learned to pivot and adjust their facilities like never before. As the vaccine rollout continues, hospitals and other facilities need space for these clinics. Clarke County Hospital, in particular, is one of the thousands of medical facilities preparing to set up their vaccination clinic. Here are some ways Screenflex Privacy Screens benefit Clarke County Hospital and any other COVID vaccination site.

Crowd Control/ Line Management

vaccination clinicSince the effects of the pandemic were so immense, it’s no surprise that the number of people requesting a vaccine is substantial as well. For this reason, there could be hundreds of people waiting in line on any particular day at the vaccination clinic. Even when social distancing is not an issue, large crowds would require some level of crowd management. By using portable room dividers, the coordinators at these clinics can direct traffic. A temporary wall is a perfect way to manage the crowd when needed and also block off areas that you want to remain hidden. 

Social distancing

Even though these clinics help present the solution to the COVID Pandemic, social distancing still is a necessity in the meantime. One of the best ways to minimize the number of people in a particular area is to use temporary walls. Screenflex products work well in limiting how many people are in a particular room. Clarke County Hospital keeps the clinic’s room relatively small to discourage large groups from gathering. 

HIPAA Regulations/ Privacy

In the medical field, HIPAA regulations are always in the back of your mind. The privacy of the patient is of utmost importance and while that typically means information and documents, physical privacy is a necessity as well. By utilizing a room divider around the vaccination area, you can effectively shield the patients while they get their shots. Every room divider panel also contains a honeycomb core that absorbs some excess noise. This feature works great in hospitals because, in addition to visual seclusion, these dividers also create auditory privacy as well.

Our contact from Clark County Hospital told us that she was entirely grateful for her new portable dividers. As this vaccine is an extraordinary advance in such a trying time period, we also appreciate that our room dividers can help play a small part in its distribution.

Patient Privacy • Noise Reduction

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