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Why Vacation Bible School Programs Are A Great Place For Kids!

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Vacation Bible school

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School is out, summer is here, and the kids now officially have too much time on their hands. For parents, it can be difficult keeping your child stimulated and entertained for all hours of the day; especially if both parents work.

Luckily during the summer time, there are dozens of different summer camps and day camps for your child that can be found in your own community. One of the best and most popular options available to parents is Vacation Bible School.

For those of you that don’t know, Vacation Bible School is a weeklong camp packed with fun, adventure, and sound Biblical foundations; with a history that goes back more than a century, it’s also one of America’s most long-lived and beloved traditions.

Most Vacation Bible School programs are run by your everyday community churches. Typically, programs are run for free or at a very low cost to the parent; and many churches will make accommodations for impoverishing families as well!

There is no better place for your child to learn the basics of faith and Christian values than from Vacation Bible School. Unlike a regular church service, messages are broken into simple and fun lessons that even the youngest children can understand.

Whereas some summer programs only focus sugary drinks and playtime, Vacation Bible School offers a great balance of fun and education. Mixed in with arts & crafts, games, and snacks are spiritual songs and lessons that are so fun the children even forget they’re learning!

Exactly What Do Vacation Bible School Programs Offer Children?Vacation Bible school ideas

One of the greatest effects of Vacation Bible School is the sense of camaraderie and community your child will gain. As a former Vacation Bible School Volunteer, I can tell you that nothing was more satisfying than seeing a group of kids who hardly know each turn into a dynamic group of friends and peers.

Where does all this positive energy come from? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the teamwork they learn during recreation, or maybe the study time spent together grows them closer together, or it could be the simple bonding act of sharing a meal; whatever it is, one thing is for sure: miracles can happen when children come together to study The Word.

At Vacation Bible School, kids not only learn how to relate to each other, they also learn how to relate to themselves. VBS provides a positive environment when they are encouraged to ask questions, make mistakes, and learn how to be the best person they can be.

Life can be a scary place sometimes and one of the most positive lessons a child could learn is that it’s ok. Your family loves you. Your friends love you. Your church loves you. It’s ok to make a mistake. It’s ok to be yourself. So long as you are pure of heart and faith, there is nothing in the world to fear. If that’s the kind of lesson you want your child to learn, Vacation Bible School might be the place for your children.Vacation Bible School

A common misconception about Vacation Bible School is that it only has a positive effect on kids. What people tend to forget, or mostly just overlook, is that while all those children were learning The Word and doing arts & crafts, something else was going on.

Behind the scenes you have adults and young adults coming together, taking on leadership, and discovering the spirit of the word. If you are a parent and you have some time: Volunteer to help with Vacation Bible School. You’ll have more fun than you ever thought possible and it’s good for the soul as well.

If you were to ask my why Vacation Bible School is so popular, I could give you a thousand different answers. I could say because it’s fun. I could say because it teaches kids good morals. I could tell you that it’s because it’s really cheap, but the real answer about why Vacation Bible School is so popular is because it’s simply the best.

Some camps may do really well at meeting a child’s need for outside play and Popsicles; but there is no other summer activity or camp that can entertain, educate, and build up a child like Vacation Bible School can.



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