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Use Room Dividers In The Classroom To Divide Space & Conquer Distractions

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Using Room Dividers in the Classroom

Room dividersRoom divider solutions in the classroom are a huge help in the classroom. When you need to divide space and create smaller groups, just one room divider can give you the privacy you need to provide a better learning environment for your students.

For instance, Mayville University uses Screenflex room dividers to create four mini classrooms for their teaching program. With limited classrooms available and a growing pull-out reading program, school administrators needed to look for a quick and cost-effective solution.  The rolling room dividers work well to help to keep distractions and noise down to a minimum within this shared space.  The room partitions dissect the room into smaller classrooms for individualized or small group learning.

To help you find the best room divider for your needs, we offer free floor planning to help you view the placement of your partitions in 3-D before purchasing them.

Divide Classrooms • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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