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Unlimited Options For Your Classroom

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Room dividers can create unlimited options for your classroom. Tackable, pinnable and sound absorbing panels are great for displaying. Bend and configure panels to create rooms of all shapes and sizes. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with a Standard Screenflex room divider:

Classroom Display Board

Use your divider as a display board. How about an instant backdrop for school video announcements? Maybe a book fair board for posting wish lists. These are a few ways Riverview Elementary School has used their Screenflex room dividers so far.


Fun Fair Dividers

Create a station at your school’s fun fair! Seth Paine Elementary School also uses room dividers during stage performances as a holding room for actors too.


classroom divider

Divide space in your classroom to lessen distractions. Use divider panels the way you would a bulletin board as seen at this schooConnecticutticut.


school divider

This room divider is used to hide & store chairs and equipment. The divider keeps the room looking clean and neat.

Classroom Divider

After school, the divider is pulled across to hide the classroom materials. Meetings and events are held in this room on occasion. The divider creates a nice barrier between the classroom equipment and meeting room.

Art Display on Room Divider

Display all of your student’s art work on Screenflex portable walls. Keeps your art work organized. Dividers give you the freedom to set up anywhere. No more limitations!

Divide Classrooms • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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