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Screenflex Multi-Unit Connector Option

A Simple Turn of the Multi-Unit Connector Secures Dividers Together
Screenflex ~ Screenflex Multi-Unit Connector Option

The Screenflex Multi-Unit Connector option is used to connect two dividers end-to-end. They are two chrome-plated sash latches installed on the end frames of the portable room dividerChrome plating is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium to a metal object and can help resist corrosion, ease cleaning procedures, or increase surface hardness.

Why would we need a Multi-Unit Connector?

More Length

The most common reason for needing a Multi-Unit-Connector is simple: more length for the divider! The Screenflex Standard Divider, our most extended partition, can get up to thirteen panels or span 24’1″. While this length is adequate for plenty of facilities, there are situations where more is needed. For instance, if someone with a large gym needs a partition to span wall to wall, they will need a longer length than one divider.

Connecting multiple dividers instead of manufacturing a longer one ensures the appropriate stability throughout the temporary wall. This sturdiness comes from the end frames that remain on each freestanding partition, even when connected to others. These end frames create a lower center of gravity towards the ground, limiting the possibility of toppling over. This is an important factor, especially when the partition is positioned in a straight line.

Unique Length

Since every Screenflex divider panel is the same size, the number of them on one screen can become a measurement form. For instance, every individual partition has an odd number of three to thirteen panels, each 22 inches long. Sometimes facilities need a temporary wall in a size between the existing ones we offer. Two smaller units, like a three-panel and a five-panel, can sometimes fit the space more precisely. The panels can fold to take up less space, but utilizing a Multi-Unit Connector gives your facility the most flexibility.

Divider Doors and Wall Frames

We not only offer the Multi-Unit Connector to combine dividers but also to attach the Screenflex Door and Wall Frame Panels as well. The connector helps securely latch the divider and the doorway frame together. These doors provide an accessible walkway from one side of the separator to the other and help prevent fire hazards.

Screenflex Customer Case Study

Melbourne Library recently purchased two portable Dry Erase/ Tackable Dividers from Screenflex and used the Multi-Unit Connector to latch them together. By connecting the two portable room dividers, these library workers can divide space for their community and provide collaboration space. When we asked them about their products, our contact at the library had this to say:

“The fabric helps absorb sound in an acoustically harsh room. The size and mobility of the dividers, along with the connection options, allow us to break up the space and provide barriers for more use of the room.”

Please get in touch with one of our sales associates for any questions on the optional Multi-Unit Connector or any other products.

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