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9 Rooms & more

Having a large open space in your facility can be an asset as well as a detriment.  The large space is often underutilized.  Stop wasting space and money and turn that open room into a flexible space allowing you to change the area as the need arises. Let our design staff assist you in designing the right plan to best use room dividers to separate your open space.  This free no-obligation design service provides you with a 2D or 3D rendering from your simple sketches outlining the number of room dividers needed to accomplish your room dividing goals.  This section includes sample diagrams to show you how to create 9 rooms in an instant.

A Unique Plan Using Room Dividers

Screenflex Room Dividers Used in a Unique Plan Talk about unique! We have created many plans using our portable walls…

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Reservation Center Easily Created

Creating a Reservation Call Center with Dividers A reservation center is a unique combination of dozens of computer workstations and…

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Temporary Walls Room Dividers Help During School Construction

  A Layout of How Temporary Walls Room Dividers Help During School Construction The good news is that the referendum…

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Wallmount Divider Solutions at Salem Lutheran

Screenflex Wallmount Divider Solutions When you are certain you will need to locate one end of your acoustical walls in…

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Portable Acoustical Walls for a Large Church

Portable Acoustical Walls Divide a Large Church Portable acoustical walls are easy to use in any church looking to maximize…

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Versatile Dividers for Preschool

Some community-based churches really reach out to the community and the community reaches out to the church. Such is the…

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Portable Partitions for a Disaster Plan

Screenflex Partitions for Disaster Plan One never knows what Mother Nature may have in store for us next. In the…

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Thrift Store Uses Portable Dividers

A generous benefactor donates a building to her favorite charitable organization. It was a large open building which the organization…

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