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Room Dividers Cut Distractions At Flat Stanley's Dress Rehearsal!

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Screenflex supports the arts by allowing a local theatre group to rehearse in our factory

Dress Rehearsal For Flat Stanley With Screenflex Room Dividers. Darling costumes!

Room Dividers Cut Distractions For Flat Stanley

Two Screenflex Room Dividers cut distractions and help to aid musical directors during the dress rehearsal of Flat Stanley the musical. Take a look!

Sixty-Two Students participated in Sunday’s dress rehearsal of a local school’s rendition of Flat Stanley. You’ll see some amazing props and costumes. Your whole family will enjoy this production. Here’s a little sneak-peek of what you’ll see on show day!

One room divider is used off stage and one is used on stage.

Because of a large number of students, the director opened up one 6’tall x 20′-5’long  room divider to act as a visual barrier between two groups. One Screenflex Room Divider works great to separate the groups and block distractions.

Room Dividers Used To Display Eye Chart For Flat Stanley

Room Dividers Used To Display Eye Chart For Flat Stanley. Can be easily wheeled on and off stage in between sets.

During the show, one 3 panel room divider is used as a prop creating a room at the doctor’s office. In this cute and funny scene, Stanley gets flattened by a bulletin board in the middle of the night. He rushes in to see the doctor to see if he can help get him un-flattened. Unfortunately, the doctor can’t help.

Room divider panels are easy to tack and pin to and create great backdrops for any project. For this scene, the room divider creates a doctor’s office.

Sound absorbing partitions allows for students to rehearse in separate rooms

Room Dividers Cut Distractions.

The director decided to use the long 11-panel room divider to separate the “staging” area from the “costuming” area. Room dividers are acoustical and absorb sound to help cut distractions from the other side. Room dividers are great for musical and play productions because they can open up and create different shapes and lengths. When Screenflex dividers are closed, they wheel just about anywhere and take up very little space. Now that’s a smart room divider!

Portable walls divide a factory into several rehearsal rooms

Look at these cute hams! Students do a great job with their lines during dress rehearsal.





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