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Events on Display- Vernon Area Public Library

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With unlimited resources at our fingertips, none have lasted the trials of time quite like the public library system. What started centuries ago as a home for books, the public library has evolved and multiplied its methods to share information. Vernon Area Public Library (VAPL), a local customer of Screenflex, regularly hosts events and programs as a means to grow their community members’ knowledge base. Because of these events, they wanted to advertise within their facility to draw in enough engagement for them. After all, an event is only as big as the number of attendees. To help draw in community members, this suburban Chicago library reached out to Screenflex for the right tool. Here’s how Vernon Area Public Library uses Screenflex’s products to help their display and general facility needs:

One Book, One Community

For the past seven years, a significant recurring program that VAPL and other libraries have put together is One Book, One Community. The idea behind this program is to foster community through reading and focus on one book at a time. By putting on workshops, discussions, and presentations of the chosen book, participating members get a shared learning experience with others.

The selected books over the years have been in a variety of genres, from stories with a strong social message to others that are simply popular at present. A major draw for community members is that one of the last events of the program is a book talk and signing. All of the libraries find a nearby auditorium that houses enough people and then bring the author to town.

book display in library

One Book, One Community program at the library

Since “One Book, One Community” is one of the public library’s bigger events, VAPL wanted to noticeably advertise it to those who enter their facility. For this reason, Catherine Savage, our contact at the library, reached out to Screenflex for a display device. Catherine told us she had seen one of their neighbor libraries put up a museum-quality display, inspiring her to look for something similar for Vernon Area Library.

Display Towers for the Public Library

The intent was to create a wow factor for “One Book” and other upcoming events. By combining the unique design of the towers with professionally-made posters, Catherine and her colleagues were able to accomplish this goal. The library has a poster printer on-site that allows them to create unique form-fitted designs that they can pin to the panels for a crisp, professional look.

We at Screenflex offer four variations of the Display Towers in our catalog; two heights and two lengths. These portable devices do precisely what the name describes— display items! Since the panels all include a tackable fabric, posters like the ones at VAPL can be attached to them and even removed without damage to the tower. This feature allows this public library to change their displays for new events in the future. For instance, the next event needing a showcase was the library’s “Tiny Art Show.” This show displayed work of all ages, all in the same small square design. The library easily changed out their display for a whole new look.

art display at a library

Art display for the community

Room Dividers for Meeting Spaces

Earlier this month, Screenflex visited this local library to see the display in person. When we were there, we were also told about another set of Screenflex products an employee had purchased a couple of decades ago. These products are older models of the Screenflex Standard Room Dividers, used for different purposes than the Display Towers. While these portable partitions still contain the fabric that can display signage, they are geared more toward the separation aspect.

In the past, VAPL used them for dividing ESL classrooms and hiding maintenance areas from the public eye. Though the partitions are decades old, they still looked well-kept and function excellently. They currently block a storage area from view in a meeting space in the back.

Before this library staff got their new towers, these older room dividers were another means to display events and information. While these partitions did the job well, the Display Towers ultimately look more intentional than their former freestanding devices

Gray room dividers

Sleek way to hide storage

Like the public libraries in other communities, VAPL remains a great place for information and getting work done. In addition to the countless programs and events, this library also has many books and online databases for research purposes. By using Screenflex products, they can display event signage, divide rooms, hide storage, and ultimately customize their facility. As shown by their decades-old partitions, these freestanding walls stand the test of time—just like libraries do.

For more information on the Vernon Area Public Library, visit their website or in person in Lincolnshire, IL.


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