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Preserve Life with these Portable Wall Maintenance Tips

A toddler with paint on its bodyScreenflex Room Dividers ~ Top 6 Portable Wall Maintenance Tips

I’ve noticed that over the years, churches and schools are using their portable walls for many more activities. Since portable walls are so easy to move they can be used anytime and anywhere.  To preserve the life of your dividers here are some portable wall maintenance tips for keeping them looking brand new:

  1. For general dirt or grime, sponge with the foam from a mild detergent or upholstery shampoo. Use a water-based cleaning agent for best results.
  2. For oil and grease stains blot with a mild solvent or dry cleaning agent.
  3. After using the cleaning agent rinse with a clean sponge.  Traces of the cleaning agent should be removed.
  4. Avoid saturating the panels.  Your panels should dry rather quickly.
  5. To maintain the condition of the fabric, frequent vacuuming or light brushing is recommended.
  6. Avoid excessive brushing or rubbing during cleaning to prevent fuzzing of the fabric surfaces.

Remember that polyester has low absorption properties so dirt and grime will tend to stay on the fabric’s surface.  Screenflex divider fabrics are woven with 100% polyester fiber which helps keep them colorfast.  Enjoy your portable walls by following these important portable wall maintenance tips.

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