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Youth Group Room That Adapts to Attendance

The Location

Southside Baptist Church

The Challenge

Youth group room

The Solution

Upon your first visit, you will see all the wonderful ministries Southside Baptist Church has to offer for its members and guests.  With a growing list of services, ministries, and members, the need for additional space is essential.  One particular area of growth is in the students’ ministry.  The youth were sent looking for private meeting space during Sunday service and during weekly Bible study.  That is when administrators found Screenflex.  Sales consultant, Kim St. Clair, worked with the church to find the right portable walls for their need.  By using a set of rolling walls they could create a classroom in the corner of the large gymnasium to create an extra gathering space for the kids.  Kim suggested adding a door to the room divider to the space could be completely closed off and resemble the feel of a standard classroom.  After a month of using the two room dividers, the staff found other ways to use the dividers in their facility.  The church used the dividers to create respite rooms, Bible study areas, and backdrops for musical productions.

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