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Bible Study uses for Room Dividers

Religious facilities are known as a place of refuge and peace.  Throughout the week people gather for worship, games, and bible study.  With so many activities going on in one location, it is best to design a space that is flexible and can accommodate the changing needs of the congregation.  Screenflex Room Dividers provide you with a way to break areas into multiple rooms to maximize the use of your space. Instead of having the ability to host one activity or group at a time, several can meet simultaneously in the divided space.  The dividers can also aid in creating a more intimate room for worship or small group meeting, or create a display for Sunday School crafts.  Since the Screenflex Dividers roll on self-leveling caster wheels, they are easy to use and easy to move. Need help selecting the right size and color room divider for your space?  Our Screenflex design and sales team are here to guide you through the process. From your simple room sketches, we can create a 2D or 3D rendering using room dividers to divide your room into usable space. Choose from our selection of 38 colors and 36 room divider sizes.

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