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Temporary Visual Barrier for Meetings

The Location

BFGoodrich- Woodburn, IN

The Challenge

Partition off office meeting room

The Solution

Every public office has a space dedicated to meetings. When it comes to decent meeting space in these facilities, privacy is a crucial component. For this reason, offering a visual barrier, even a temporary one, is highly beneficial for any office meeting space. In the case of BFGoodrich, they used a Screenflex portable wall to limit distractions from either side of the meeting room.

As shown, the neutral-colored temporary visual barrier fits perfectly within this section of the wall opening and easily matches the surrounding room. Since most of Screenflex’s room dividers are made to order, customers can choose the correct length for the desired space. The height of the partition is also customizable to fit various ceilings. What makes this room divider a temporary one is its ability to fold accordion-style. This feature allows the wall to close into a compact space to make room for storage and open the room back up to its full size. These portable dividers also help this room with sound absorption by deadening excess echoes. Another feature that this office could utilize includes the divider’s tackable fabric to easily display items or signage if necessary.

Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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