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Student Presentation Display

The Location

Hanover College- Hanover, IN

The Challenge

Showcase student work on presentation day

The Solution

Most university classes are filled with opportunities for students to showcase their work. Higher education helps give students a combination of knowledge and real-life experience; presenting research is a tremendous skill to learn. For this reason, when it is presentation day, offering a display unit helps students properly arrange their materials for their peers to see. Hanover College educators were looking for a place to hang student work outside their glass museum cases. By reaching out to Screenflex, they were able to find the perfect product for their needs.

The room divider in the pictures is a red Standard Partition 6ft tall and 16′ 9″ in length. The tackable surface is how these students can easily attach their projects without damage to the panels. Plus, since this college chose the Designer Primary Red fabric, any white background posters pop in contrast. One of the best features of a Screenflex divider as a student presentation display is that it closes up compactly when it’s no longer needed. The accordion-style folding panels allow the partition to close into a compact 2ft by 3ft space that can easily fit in various storage areas.

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